Pledge the Tiger Promise

By Panthera

Year of the Tiger gif.

Tigers are one of the most iconic species on Earth. They are at the forefront of our culture. In images and literature, they stand out as one of the most mighty of all the world’s species. As one of the world’s largest carnivores, we respect and revere them. Across Asia, these testaments to the world’s amazing natural beauty roam. But their current state is a precarious one. 


We estimate that only 4,500 tigers remain in the wild, with some populations of this incredible big cat close to extinction, including the Malayan and Indochinese tigers. The area where they are most endangered in Southeast Asia, where Panthera focuses most of its tiger conservation work. We are not and cannot be content with this. The tiger’s status must change. And in this momentous year, it is time to make that change. 
We are asking everyone to make the "Tiger Promise." When you make the Tiger Promise, you commit to learning more about these incredible species, share what you learn with others and strive daily to help protect them. 


When you take the Tiger Promise, you are pledging to do the following: 

  • Help raise awareness about the crisis facing wild tigers by educating yourself and sharing factual, timely information with your friends and family; 
  • Not buy or use products containing (or saying they contain) tiger or other wildlife parts, including Traditional Medicine like tiger plasters and tiger bone wine; 
  • Not buy or use trinkets or decorative items made from tigers or illegally traded wildlife parts; 
  • Refrain from using products containing unsustainable palm oil — a substance found in thousands of commonly used items that contributes to the wholesale destruction of wild cat habitat; 
  • Not visit or support attractions that offer opportunities to handle wild cats, including petting and feeding, walking or taking photos with them; 
  • When planning a zoo visit, look for local WAZA, EAZA, AZA and other accredited zoos that contribute to wild tiger conservation; 
  • Wherever you live, vote for government representatives and legislation that protect endangered species; 
  • Stand up for science!
  • Contribute to organizations like Panthera that are protecting tigers in the wild and recovering their population. 
Tiger and cub.

From India to Russia, Thailand to Indonesia, tigers are a symbol of power and grace. But to us, they also embody hope — the hope for a future where the world’s most charismatic species not only survive but thrive. Our hope begins with the Year of the Tiger. And it begins with the Tiger Promise. 

Learn more about tigers. Read here to learn what six NGOs (including Panthera) which support the Global Tiger Initiative and Global Tiger Recovery Program suggest what must be done to strengthen tiger conservation and protect these big cats across their range. 

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